Yellowstone Rides

This is by far one of our favorite routes in the local vicinity. This tour encompasses some of our nation's most diverse and spectacular landscapes, combined with the thrill of experiencing it on a motorcycle.

This ride travels through the Madison River Valley into the Gallatin Canyon, south to Teton National Park, winding through the world's largest active caldera, Yellowstone National Park. The final leg of the tour crosses one of the most spectacular highways in the lower 48.

These roads lead you through twisting ribbons of scenic highways, along river bottoms and over the continental divide three times. This route is challenging and visually exciting for the motor sport enthusiast with many historical stops. Riders on this trip will experience the dramatic Teton Mountain Range, and Jenny and Jackson Lakes, both over-shadowed by glaciers that are hundreds of years old.

The rural two-lane roads will entertain the rider with the s turns and switchbacks. In the early morning and late dusk, riders will often see deer, coyotes, bear and large herds of elk.

The resort town of Jackson Hole will entice riders with choices of art galleries, shopping, tram rides or a relaxing drift boat ride and picnic down the Snake River. This ride then meanders north into Yellowstone National Park, the nation's oldest park created in 1872. The historic Yellowstone Lake Hotel, built on the edge of the park's largest body of water is a wonderful place to stay. Yellowstone Lake is up to 20 miles long and sits on a plateau 8,000 feet above sea level.

You can explore the historic Old Faithful Inn, Old Faithful geyser, the Upper Geyser basin, and other local thermal features in the park. From the saddle of your motorcycle you will ride past, and sometimes through, herds of American buffalo in the Hayden Valley, and north to the spectacular Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

On the final leg of this ride through Yellowstone Park, riders cross Gibbons Geyser Basin into Mammoth Hot Springs, renown for it's geologically enormous terrace formations. This trip takes you through the rugged and lush Lamar Valley, where wolves were recently reintroduced in Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The valley floor and step lands along the river are habitat for some of the largest elk and bison herds in the park. You are now on Hwy 212, which will lead through the mining town of Cook City, to the famed 69 miles of Beartooth Highway. This stretch of tarmac crosses over the Beartooth Plateau with switchbacks reaching almost 11,000 feet in elevation, containing 28 peaks over 12,00 feet, for a spectacular 360-degree view. You will be traversing through mountain plateaus and passes with inspiring views of glaciers, alpine lakes and wilderness area.

The final leg of the tour goes through the little mining town of Red Lodge, Montana, which lies at the edge of the Great Plains. Red Lodge offers a variety of traditional steak houses to cosmopolitan wine bars and ala carte dining.

The rolling, curving highways and mountain passes of this ride will challenge your riding skills and amuse your senses. This is truly one of the most fantastic routes you can ever take on your motorcycle.