Ride Guide

The best motorcycle rides in Montana.

some of the best roads in the country are right here in our backyard.

Here's a list of some dealership favorites.

Quick Rides

Perfect for an afternoon adventure or a little thrill after work.

Hyalite Canyon

An ideal spot for an afternoon picnic, Hyalite Canyon is a short ride and one of the most popular destinations in all of Montana! From Bozeman, take 19th Avenue south. The road will curve sharply to the right, and shortly after there will be a left turn onto Hyalite Canyon Road. Follow the twisty canyon road along a gorgeous river and some spectacular mountain scenery. After about 25 minutes, you’ll reach Hyalite Reservoir. Head into the parking lot and enjoy a picnic, afternoon campfire, or short walk along the shore.


Watch for gravel, sand, and wildlife. Bring bear spray if you plan on hiking throughout the canyon.

The Canyon is CLOSED to motor vehicles between April 1st and May 15th to allow for snowmelt and road clearance.

Norris Road

Take a cruise through beautiful farmland and alongside the stunning Madison river in this short out-and-back route (about 40 minutes each way from Bozeman).


If it’s your first time riding MT-84, the stop sign with 287 comes at the apex of a pretty tempting 60mph curve. Norris Hot Springs is your cue that it’s time to start slowing down.

The Gallatin Canyon

This winding canyon is a crowd favorite thanks to its constant curves and mountain vistas. From Bozeman/Belgrade, hop on US-191 and head south towards Gallatin Gateway, following signs for Big Sky and Yellowstone National Park. After about 10 miles, you’ll start to enter the Gallatin Canyon. Here, you’ll follow the river and enjoy spectacular scenery while winding through the canyon. After about 20 miles of nearly constant curves, you’ll come to the town of Big Sky. Take a right on MT-64 to head into town.

For some extra twisties, follow 64 all the way up to the base of Big Sky Resort.

For a longer adventure, take 191 all the way down to West Yellowstone, or try out the Lake Loop mentioned below.


Bighorn Sheep love to graze along the side of 191 and 64. Stay sharp!

Bring layers! Big Sky is almost always a few degrees colder than Bozeman thanks to its high elevation. Weather can change quickly.

Day trips & loops

Leave it all behind with these stunning rides ranging from a few hours to a few days. 

The Lake Loop

This beautiful loop has it all! Twisty canyons, vast mountain valleys, lakes, rivers, and some of the best views in any of the 50 states. From Bozeman/Belgrade, hop on US-191 and head south towards Gallatin Gateway, following signs for Big Sky and Yellowstone National Park. After about 10 miles, you’ll start to enter the Gallatin Canyon. Here, you’ll follow the river and enjoy spectacular scenery while winding through the canyon. After about 20 miles, you’ll come to the town of Big Sky. Take a right to head into town to refuel your bike/stomach or keep heading straight on 191 towards West Yellowstone. The highway continues winding through the beautiful landscape and even dips into Yellowstone National Park for a few miles! After another 40 or so miles, you’ll come to a junction with Highway 287. Take a right on 287 to continue the loop or keep heading straight to the town of West Yellowstone. Once on 287, you’ll cruise along Hegben Lake and Earthquake Lake and then alongside the beautiful Madison Mountain Range until you reach Ennis. Take a right at the fisherman’s statue to continue north towards Norris. After about 16 miles, hang a right on Highway 84 and rip alongside the Madison river back to Bozeman.


Watch for wildlife throughout the whole route.

Make sure you bring layers! Highway 191 is a high elevation road and weather can change quickly. It is almost always a few degrees cooler in Big Sky than in Bozeman.

For those that want some extra adventure, Highway 191 has a number of incredible trailheads for hikers. The Gallatin and Madison Rivers are also home to world-class fly fishing.

Yellowstone National Park

Home to some of America’s most spectacular landscapes and geological features, Yellowstone National Park is an endless playground. Give yourself a few days to explore the various attractions such as Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Yellowstone Falls.

To continue your adventure, head out the Northeast/Silver Gate Entrance to ride the Beartooth Pass, or head out the South Entrance to continue on to Grand Teton National Park.


Yellowstone and the surrounding area is full of wildlife. The park is notorious for traffic jams consisting of Bison, Elk, and other native animals. Keep your distance and take it slow. Exploring this magnificent park is a marathon, not a sprint.

Obey all park rules and guidelines and stay on marked paths/boardwalks. Yellowstone National Park is home to some of the country’s most fragile landscapes; you never know when a geyser or boiling hot spring could be hiding beneath the ground! And of course, never approach wildlife.


Bozeman is the perfect home base for exploring America’s first national park. You have two options in getting to the park, both right around an hour and a half. 

NORTH ENTRANCE (Pictured Right): Head to Livingston on a rather fun stretch of I-90. Take exit 333 on to US-89 south towards Gardiner/Yellowstone National Park. You’ll enter Paradise Valley and quickly see how it lives up to its name. Enjoy a relaxing cruise alongside the Yellowstone River and Absaroka Mountain Range until you reach Gardiner and the Parks North Entrance. This is the best route for reaching attractions like Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone Falls.

WEST ENTRANCE (Pictured Left): Head south on US-191 towards Big Sky. Enjoy the twisty canyon and spectacular scenery while following the Gallatin River. Continue past Big Sky and keep following 191. The road will dip in and out of the park before leading you to West Yellowstone and the West Entrance. This is the best route for reaching Old Faithful and the other famous Geysers of Yellowstone.


Wildlife is very common along US-191 and US-89, especially as you get close to the park. Stay sharp and make sure you scan the road ahead!

Back Roads to Butte

Forget the interstate and enjoy two phenomenal motorcycle roads on your way to Butte! From Bozeman/Belgrade, head to Four Corners and then head west on MT-84. Enjoy a relaxing cruise through beautiful Montana farmlands before linking up with the Madison River for a fast and fun rip along the river banks. 84 comes to a stop sign just after Norris Hot Springs. Take a right on 287 and after about 18 miles, take a left on MT-2. The road will follow the Jefferson River and snake alongside Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park. Keep on 2 until you reach another stop in Cardwell right beneath the interstate. Head underneath the overpass and keep following 2 alongside the interstate. MT-2 will take you through Whitehall and then towards the hills. After cruising through more beautiful farmlands, the road switches to a hugely entertaining alpine rip, featuring beautiful pine-forest and hairpin curves.

Wilsall Loop

Enjoy gorgeous views of two jaw dropping mountain ranges and fast, twisty roads on this quick loop! From Bozeman, hop onto Highway 86. Follow the road along the Bridger Mountain Range and past the famous Bridger Bowl Ski Area. After passing the ski area, the road will dive into a beautiful forest with views of the Crazy Mountain Range coming shortly thereafter. The road will curve sharply to the right and lead you to a junction with Highway 89. Take a right enjoy a relaxing cruise all the way down to I-90. Hop on the interstate going west to get back to Bozeman.


Watch for sand and gravel on 86.

After Bridger Bowl, the road will become much tighter. Take it easy and watch for sharp inclines/declines.

Bracket Creek Loop

For a slightly different version of the above, take a right on Bracket Creek Road shortly after Bridger Bowl. This narrow road twists up, down, left, and right before spitting you out in Clyde Park. Take a right on highway 89 to get back to the Interstate, or take a left to head up to Wilsall and back down highway 86.


Watch for sand and gravel, especially in the early season and when turning on to Bracket Creek Road.


One of the most thrilling and beautiful roads in the entire country, the Beartooth Highway (aka Beartooth Pass) has been voted America’s #1 motorcycle road time and time again. The pass is a 69-mile stretch of US-212 between Red Lodge, Montana and Cooke City (just before Yellowstone National Park’s northeast entrance) and caps out at nearly 11,000 feet above sea level. The road is loaded with switchbacks, lakes, and jaw-dropping mountain views.

From Red Lodge, fill your tank and hop on to 212. After some relaxing curves through a gorgeous valley, you’ll start the climb. Switchbacks will start taking you up the side of the mountains until you finally reach the top of a plateau. From here, you’ll be cruising along a spectacular alpine landscape before reaching another set of switchbacks and eventually, the top of the pass. Grab a photo with the summit sign and continue onward. More switchbacks and thrilling curves will lead you down the other side and past countless lakes, mountains, and beautiful forested areas. Eventually, you’ll reach Cooke City, an old mining town that has become a hub for outdoor adventure and tourism. Grab lunch and fill your tank before heading back to Red Lodge, or continue past Cooke City and into Yellowstone National Park.


The Pass is typically CLOSED from Mid-October to Mid-May, weather depending.

The Beartooth Pass is a very high elevation road and is known for mid-summer snowstorms and vicious thunderstorms. Weather can change at a moments notice. At 11,000 feet, the temperature will be significantly lower, no matter the month. Bring layers and pay very close attention to the weather on days you plan to ride.

Lewis & Clark Highway to Townsend

Incredible mountain views and twisty roads are at the heart of this one. From Bozeman, hop on 86 towards Bridger Bowl & Wilsall. Enjoy a gorgeous cruise alongside the Bridger mountains that's packed full with twisties as you get further in. After 35 or so miles, 86 will intersect with US-89. Take a left and continue north. The road will straighten out quite a bit, and after about 32 miles take a left on US-12. 12 winds through the Helena National Forest before reaching Townsend. 

Twin Bridges/Virginia city Loop

A Popular poker run route, this loop features beautiful rivers, ghost towns, and of course, views of Montana’s spectacular mountains. From Bozeman, rip the Norris road (MT-84) to the intersection with US-287. Take a left and head towards Ennis, where you’ll be greeted by a large statue of a fisherman. Take right on to MT-287, following signs for Virginia City. After some fun, sweeping curves you’ll arrive in Virginia City, a very much alive ghost town. Enjoy the history and local amenities before continuing along 287. Enjoy a relaxing cruise alongside the Tobacco Root mountains all the way to Twin Bridges. Continue straight onto MT-41. After about 14 miles, 41 will break off to the left. Continue straight on MT-55 to get to Whitehall. From Whitehall, hop onto MT-2 and follow it to Cardwell and then along the Jefferson River for some highly entertaining turns. 2 will then intersect with US-287 - take a left to get to the interstate for a quick ride back to Bozeman, or take a right to get back to Norris and MT-84.

Lolo Pass

An absolute must for any motorcycle or sports car enthusiast, Lolo Pass between Kooskia, Idaho and Lolo, Montana is over 100 miles of curves and spectacular scenery. From Missoula, hop on US-93 south to get to Lolo. Gas up and take a right turn on to US-12 to start your adventure. From there, it’s just pure bliss for almost 3 hours of riding time. Hold on tight!

Kings Hill Scenic Byway

Take a cruise through the dynamic landscape of the Little Belt Mountains in this 70-mile scenic byway. From Great Falls, take US-87 until you reach Armington Junction- take a right on US-89 to start the journey. 89 will join up with the Belt Creek, past Sluice Boxes State Park, and into the mountains. The road will snake along through a gorgeous forest and through the towns of Monarch and Neihart. After Neihart, the road will climb until peaking at Showdown Montana Ski Resort. The road will crest and then drop down into a breathtaking valley before reaching White Sulphur Springs.

89 will continue all the way to Livingston, or you can branch-off on MT-86 before Wilsall and cruise the Bridger Canyon back to Bozeman.

Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Highway

Bypass the Interstate from Butte to Drummond and enjoy a gorgeous scenic cruise. Take I-90 west out of Butte. After about 15 miles, take exit 208 for Anaconda/Highway-1. The highway will snake along lakes, mountains, and beautiful rolling farmland for over 60 miles before linking back up with I-90 in Drummond. A great way to skip the boring interstate on your way to Missoula without adding too much time to your trip!